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Full Name: 
Rintsuki Inugami

Title/Alias: The Great Raiju of the Raijinshi

Nicknames: Rinnie, Rin Rin, Tsuki

Nationality: Japanese

Birthday: November 27, 1994

Age: 19

Height: 5'1" 3/4 (Cause she believed she actually grew taller a bit during summer)

Parents: Raikuza Inugami (Alive), Mizuki Inugami (Deceased)

Other Relatives: Sakura Nakano (Aunt and Still Alive), Kazuki Nakano (Cousin, Alive)

Current Gang: Stria

Likes: Animals, Music, Football, Melon Bread, Friends, Beaches, Fighting

Dislikes: People who threaten her friends, Buses, Math and Science to a certain degree, Lightning/Thunder Storms, Being abandoned

Personality(Kinda under construction)

Originally Rin was suppose to be someone who really wasn't the easiest of people to socialize due to the fact she was suppose to be naturally hard to warm up to. But things happened and she met Mei-li, and Mei-li's natural sociable attitude kind of rubbed off on her in an instant. And so the Rin that usually interacts with people is the hyper-active, hot-headed spitfire of Stria although she's not really the type to actually tell someone how she really feels easily. She actually has another attitude that only recently surfaced after letting her Raiju persona take-over her during her fight with Emberlynn Jeneva since the fight had went for a turn for the worse. Rin's Raiju persona makes her more reckless, outspoken than she already is, but also more honest towards others since she's less afraid of what others would say about what she thinks.The only thing constant between her two personalities is the fact that she's naturally protective towards her friends. Anyone who threatens her friends around her need to watch themselves or she just might kill you then and there. 

History/Past BG Story Stuff: (Under construction)

Current Weapons List: (Link:

1. Spear (Name: Raikuza)

2. Twin Swords: (Names: Anubis and Horus)

-> Can turn into handguns that are like a cross of a shotgun and a handgun (Max shots for each gun is 20 and has low->mid->high power level) -> Can combine to make a Greatsword (Nicknamed: Fenrir)3. Two Katanas (Names: Raikou and Raijin)

4. 2 M9 Handguns (Currently not used anymore)

Relationships: (Totally Under Construction due to the amount of people she interacted with)

S1 Characters: (Oh man this is so long I'll update this soon)

Mei-li Cheon: Her BFFAE, their first encounter wasn't exactly the best of ones since Rin was actually irritated with Mei-li's attitude. But all of that changed when Mei-li suddenly called Rin her BFFAE (Best Friend Forever and Ever). At first she just played along with it but later on she realized she actually does genuinely care for the Myntan Princess. Now anyone who tries to hurt the Myntan Princess needs to take the utmost care because the Raiju doesn't like it when someone threatens to hurt her BFFAE.

Rosalind Nacht:

Marilyn de Rosier:

Kirk Raphthorne Alexandros:

John Stepanovich De Guzman Mbenga:

Haruka Kazue

Emberlynn Jeneva

Chitsuki Hanabi

Seishuku Nakami

Coriander Surprise

Drake Asoh

Shinobu Ushio K. Ingram

Kim Grayson

Alisa Lee

Tsukiyomi Meiko 
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