Name: Kirk Raphthorne Alexandros

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Affailiation: Stria, Funale

Profile: The type of person who would smile and have friendly conversation with you as fast as he would stab you in the throat. He's a homely person, keeps to himself most of the time, but he can be civil with everyone when he needs to be. He doesn't lose his calm nature easily.
Cross the line against him, the Stria, or his precious leader and you'll be looking up at him from the ground while choking on your own rasping, bloodied breaths. All while he's smiling at you of course.

He's been part of Stria for 4 years. 

Enjoys salad and pudding.


21 years old.

Story: Kirk sided with Coriander during the civil war and fought as one of the Funale generals. While he survived the battle, he was hospitalized for quite some time. SInce then, he has been pardoned and is adjusting to life as it is, reconnecting with friends and figuring out where Shinobu Ingram stands in his life.

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