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Name: Alisa Lee

Affiliation: Myntan, [Chinese Underworld]

Nickname: Ali, Lisa (would also be nice)

Nationality: 100% Full-Blooded Chinese

Birthday: March 8, 1995

Height: 5'6"

History (copy-pasted from FB Bio for now):

Born an only child, her extremely nationalistic Chinese parents had their entire attention towards her. Drawing from their parents' experience of the Japanese Oppression, they especially hate the Japanese; more so than the other nationalities. 

Her parents gave her thorough mental and physical training to be able to properly eliminate the foreign blood in the land and be the Chinese's "savior".

Raised in a strict household, she hardly had any experience socializing outside. She grew up to be shy, meek and quiet, but wants to reach out to others. She tries her best to be as friendly as she can.

Despite her parents' resolute teachings, she is conflicted on whether to follow her parents' will or to follow what is right...

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